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Who We Are

JobJungle.info is one of the best outsourcing job providers from USA. We are dealing in services like Outbond Outsourcing, Offshore Business Practice, Low Cost Advertising, Medical Transcription, Graphical Services, Animation Outsourcing etc.

Our Motive

Our main focus is to find and place the suitable online employees directly to the US and Canada based Employers so that they can build their robust team of proper work group. Thus skilled online people from countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, China etc. are getting their skill and hours of work being counted by being paid same amount of money what these employers pays to Outsourcing Dealers throughout the world.

Our Role

In the process of recruiting skilled employees for these US and Canada Based employers we do not charge anything to you at all though we do get benefited from the employers for sure.

For the Above brief description it is now clear that job jungle incorporation has nothing to do with the job provided on its portal. We are just an online recruiting agency. Though we do take necessary responsibility throughout your joining process. Our Client Employers are Genuine, Esteemed and working with Extreme High Repute for many long time.

We wishe you good luck and hope you will get a good online job as well. Try for sure. Thanks.

Sample Work Chart

Whenevr you choose to apply for a specific job category, we require you to complete a sample work project associated with it. Visit the page to learn more..

Payment Procedure

After being enrolled to a job category, you start earning money for every project done. Each job has different payout terms depending upon the nature of work.

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