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Job Profile

Preparing MS Excel worksheets by entering data into cells. Data will be made available in two forms, 1. Simple scanned images of text (.jpeg or .pdf file formats) and 2. Audio format (.mp3 file format).

Eligibility Standards and Payment Rules.

  • Skills : A candidate should have elementary level typing skills and should be habitual of Online Environment..
  • Age : 15 Years or above
  • Educational Qualification : Understanding of English Language in two forms (i.e. Reading/Writing)
  • Technical Requirement :
    • A self owned Desktop/Laptop PC with Pentium IV or higher Processor.
    • 24x7 Internet Connectivity.
    • A Microphone/Speaker attached to PC.
    • Necessary software installed for the proper execution of work.
  • Compensation : $0.2 Per Cell for text format files and $0.4 Per Cell for Audio format files.
  • Mode of Payment : By Cheque or Paypal
  • Sample Work : Download Sample Work
  • Joining Fees : No joining fees whatsoever

Application Procedure

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Sample Work Chart

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Payment Procedure

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