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Payment Schedule

Who is is an recruitment Agency working in the field of outsourcing business to link the employers and employees together to the benefit of both.

Why do I need DSL or a cable modem connection?

All of our work involves typing from scanned images. The images require a fast connection in order to be displayed quickly. If you have a slow connection, it will take too long for the images to be displayed and you will be wasting a lot of time.

What is the Application Procedure?

Application procedure is simple. Go to the desired job category from above menu option, if the job suits you Click Apply Now link down in the page, read the required details, fill them and email us.

Do Jobjungle Charge for its recruitment services?

No, jubjungle do not charge anything to applicants. You can apply one or all programs separately and it will be fully free. But we do charge our client employers for providing them online staff.

What would be the payment method?

There are different payment modes depending upon the job category and employer you would be working for. Once you are posted for the applied job category, you will get notification from us and in that notification we will provide you all the details of your employer.

What are the Tax regulations?

Tax regulations are different country by country. You will be asked to fill the W8-W9 form under US laws of regulations that frees you from US Tax and you will then be Taxed only within your own country.

Important Instruction : Current Employeees kindly Download and Submit your W-8BEN Form Urgently.

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Sample Work Chart

Whenevr you choose to apply for a specific job category, we require you to complete a sample work project associated with it. Visit the page to learn more..

Payment Procedure

After being enrolled to a job category, you start earning money for every project done. Each job has different payout terms depending upon the nature of work.

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