How Things Work at JobJungle

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Must to Have Things before You Start

A Personal Computer

You must have your own computer equipment -- either a Windows or Mac system is acceptable, as long as it has a current operating system (one that is still supported by the the operating system provider -- Microsoft, Apple, etc.)

A Good Human Being

In order to address the security requirements of our clients, each applicant must sign a release permitting us to perform a background investigation. You will not be asked to sign a release until we contact you directly.

Internet Connection

Because much of our work will require freelancers to perform data entry over the Internet, all freelancers are required to have a high speed broadband connection provided by a major cable or satellite provider..

How To Start Career with Job Jungle

1. Go Through Current Openings

To start your career with Jobjungle, first visit the current openings page. This page comprises all the available jobs rightly, since we regularly update it with new jobs and remove categories which are no longer vacant.

2. Select A Job of Your Niche

There may be one or two job categories in which you find yourself capable of joining to. Just read out all the details, terms, payment modes and sample work formalities which are described alongside of it.

3. Create Your Jobjungle ID

Get yourself Signed Up with Jobjungle to receive a JOBJUNGLE ID. This ID would be required to track your job applications that you make throughout the portal.

4. Send Your Job Application

After getting Jobjungle ID, please send us your basic details, which are descried in Application Procedure section of each job category, through an email.

5. Sample Work Test

After examining your job application, our expert recruitment panel may ask you to complete a sample work project. Which you should complete in a time-bound interval and submit at a given link or via email.

6. Multiple Level Examining

After succeeding sample work step, our Expert Panel escalates your job application to the next level of examination where it is reviewed twice/thrice on a random basis.

7. Live Interview

After passing all the above reviews, you are asked to remain available on a specific date and time for the Online Live Interview. Usually it takes place via Skype or Google Hangout.

8. Appointment Letter

If our interview panel finds you suitable and If you can represent yourself the same way, you get a call letter from the Jobjungle Partner Employer with all the necessary work details and starter kit.

Project Completion

After being selected and appointed under a employer, you have to appear online and login to Jobjungle Work Portal. Here you get the list of all the projects entitled or threaded to you.

You can see the names of the project, money that you will earn after successfully submitting it and time duration you can take to finish it

All these things vary from project by project, employer by employer and work category by category.

Sample Work Chart

Whenevr you choose to apply for a specific job category, we require you to complete a sample work project associated with it. Visit the page to learn more..

Payment Procedure

After being enrolled to a job category, you start earning money for every project done. Each job has different payout terms depending upon the nature of work.

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