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Your views can make a real difference to organizations worldwide. At Panel Pool we recognize and appreciate the value of your time and opinions. And hence every survey you participate in will earn you significant rewards. As a member of The Panel Pool you will be invited to participate in various surveys that match your interests. For every successfully completed survey, you could win reward points. The number of rewards points awarded depend on the type and complexity of the survey.

The exact number of reward points may vary depending on the survey and will be clearly stated at the beginning of each survey. For each survey completed, within 28 days The Panel Pool will credit your account with the stated number of reward points. Once your account has reached the magic figure of 1000 points, you can start cashing in! Your Panel Pool reward points can be redeemed for gift vouchers with which you can shop for movies, books, music, buy your travel tickets, get your mobile connection and a lot more.

Check My Pool to get the latest information on your points balance and decide how much you would like to redeem for the gift vouchers. Once you`ve decided, all you have to do is mail us with details of the number of Panel reward points you wish to redeem and we will send you gift vouchers from the relevant company.

Through The Panel Pool, you get a chance to tell companies what you really want and why you want it. And get cool rewards in return!

How It Works

The Panel Pool is based on a simple premise. It aims to harness authentic consumer opinions in order to deliver new levels of insight to companies worldwide. If you have a point of view on the products and services you use in your daily life and believe that your opinion matters, then The Panel Pool is the place for you.

As a member of The Panel Pool you become a regular panelist in your own right. You will be invited to participate in a variety of surveys, voice your opinions on numerous topics and win rewards for every survey you complete.

Application Procedure

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Sample Work Chart

Whenevr you choose to apply for a specific job category, we require you to complete a sample work project associated with it. Visit the page to learn more..

Payment Procedure

After being enrolled to a job category, you start earning money for every project done. Each job has different payout terms depending upon the nature of work.

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