Payment Procedure

How & When You Receive Your Earnings

Payment Schedule

Payment Scheduling

We have placed multiple options and multiple scheduling of payments for the hard work that you put. Reason behind so many payment options are the number of the types of jobs that we provide here in nature. There are various job categories in which you collects earning per project and in some other categories you might earn at per unit basis. So it would have not been a right option to make you wait in the same manner.

These are the two types of payment schedules:

1. Time-Bound Payout

Time Bound Payments are released every fortnight. Earning for 1st to 15th day of a particular month at released on 20th day of the same month. And in the same way earning for the period of 16th to 31st day of that month are released on 5th day of the subsequent month.

Minimum threshold amount to be eligible for payment is $25 at least.

2. Unit Based Payout

Unit Based Payments are released every day. Earning for a particular project is paid to you very same day. You can see the per unit payout rate in front of the job category or within its description. Your earnings are decided project by project and thus paid in the same way without making you wait much.

There is no minimum threshold amount for this job category.

Payment Schedule

Payment Options

Once you have generated some earning into your Jobjungle account, you become eligible to get paid. Currently we have multiple payment options or gateways. You can choose the one of your choice as per your country laws and facility that you have at your very own place. You can choose one of the below options ;

1. Check Payments

Cheques are widely used instruments to pay globally but in the present era it is little costly way since it carries high postal charges due to securicy.

2. Paypal

Paypal is almost a free way to send and receive money. You just create your Paypal account and your email address becomes your money-receiving-address.

3. Western Union

Western Union is available in almost all the countries today. You can send and receive money just like traditional money orders and its very very quick too.

4. Direct Bank Transfer

Dierect bank Transfer is also a popular way to receive international funds for your work but it does carry some healthy fee at one end or both the ends sometimes.

More Job Openings

Voice Input Job

Earn $15 to 40 Per Assmt.

Proof Reading Job

Earn $5 to 10 Per Page

PowerPoint Slide Job

Earn $3 Per PPT Slide

Spreadsheet Entry Job

Earn $0.2 to 0.4 Per Cell

Paid Survey Jobs

Earn $5 to $50 Per Survey

Online Advertising Jobs

Earn $0.5 Per Ad Posted

Sample Work Chart

Whenevr you choose to apply for a specific job category, we require you to complete a sample work project associated with it. Visit the page to learn more..

Payment Procedure

After being enrolled to a job category, you start earning money for every project done. Each job has different payout terms depending upon the nature of work.

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